Columbia City Council Approves New Stephen's Lake Park Features

Jul 21, 2015

Among the items in Monday's city council meeting; new lighting for Stehpen's Lake Park and parking restrictions on Fay St.
Credit KBIA

  Columbia City Council voted Monday night to approve new lighting features for Stephen’s Lake Park.

Thirty-two new dusk to dawn lights will light the trail along East Walnut as well as the parking lot near the Happy Hollow and Gordon Shelters. These lights will use LED technology to reduce energy usage and glare, and limit light from the lamps that shines in surrounding areas, according to city staff. This project will be funded by the park sales tax.

Present at the meeting was Richard King, who runs the Roots ‘N’ Blues ‘N’ BBQ Festival. He said lighting in the park was among the festival planners’ top concerns.

“Not only for us, but just for people that want to use that park 365 days out of the year," he said. "I think it would make it much safer for folks.”

The Council also voted to prohibit parking on the east side of Fay St. outside of Logboat Brewing Company and the Woodruff Sweitzer office building.

The council also authorized a new bond for Water and Electric system improvements and designated funds to commission a memorial bench in the Grindstone nature area in honor of Kim Scholl, a recently deceased local physical therapist.

Only four of the seven voting members of the council were present at the meeting, so all measures had to pass with a unanimous vote. Mayor Bob McDavid, First Ward Councilmember Clyde Ruffin and Fifth Ward Councilmember Laura Nauser all absent.