Columbia City Council Approves Plan for New Bus Shelters

Oct 20, 2015

The Columbia City Council chamber in Columbia, Missouri, on October 19, 2015.
Credit Emerald O'Brien / KBIA

A plan to build at least 18 new bus shelters in Columbia is moving forward after last night’s city council meeting.

The Council voted unanimously to approve the project after a public hearing with 10 speakers - almost all in support of the plan. The city will use $570,000 funds from the federal and local grants to build the shelters.

Drew Brooks, the Multimodal Manager for Public Works, told the council each shelter should cost around $11,000, but that they are allocating more money initially.

“We’re estimating about 20,000 dollars per location, we think that’s probably very high, but in some location we’re going to be adding sidewalk and some other features to allow for better access to those locations,” Brooks said.

The remaining money will go towards building additional shelters. Mayor Bob McDavid encouraged residents to watch the spending on the project as it moves forward. 

“Don’t let us at the city spend unwisely because when the money’s gone, we’re done,” McDavid said. “I hope that ten years from now, there’s 50 shelters out there, because by today’s math there’s enough money out there for that.”

Brooks says they have been negotiating with several property owners who own land on or near the new shelters to satisfy needs on both sides.

The council also received an extensive report on the implementation of recommendations from last year’s Task Force on Community Violence.

Additionally, the Council was informed that at the next meeting, council members can either vote on an ordinance to ban roll carts or let the initiative go to voters on March 15, 2016.