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Columbia City Organizers Encourage Citizens to Get Involved

Columbia Imagined, the six-phase planning process for the city’s future, has reached its second stage.

by Dihui Yang (Columbia, Mo.)

City council members and about 20 Columbia residents took part in a public forum Wednesday night.  Pat Zenner is the city’s development services manager. He says city planners will try other ways to get the public more involved.

“This presentation that was given this evening will be offered to community organizations throughout the city.  We will also be holding ward-based meetings, to where we will go outside the city hall and be able to meet with individuals within their council district wards,” Zenner said.

Charles Dudley has been living in Columbia for 10 years.  He says accessibility for disabled residents should be a priority.

“Accessibility mainly. City sidewalks, city streets, things like that, more accessible for everybody. They’re not in a state of disrepair or anything, but  fixed up and made really nice so everybody can enjoy them,” Dudley said.

Presenters at the public forum talked about issues like land use and growth management, infrastructure, economic development, and livable and sustainable communities, among others.