Columbia parks and rec looking to add new activities

Mar 16, 2012

Columbia’s Parks and Recreation committee wants suggestions from residents about new outdoor and indoor activities in the city.

 At a meeting last night, the committee gave residents a variety of options to choose from that will influence the final proposal.

Committee spokesperson Michael Griggs says public input is crucial for projects like these.

“We don’t ever create anything in a vacuum," says Griggs, "everything goes through multiple public hearings, meetings and such like that, so this is just another step in about a year’s worth of planning.”

Possibilities include a new dog park, a play ground, a biking trail and even a new indoor skating rink.  The committee says once it has enough public feedback, it will submit a proposal to the city and request for funding.  Depending on which project citizens choose, the committee says the completion date will vary from as early as this summer to as late as 2015.