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Columbia Reapportionment Plans Set Back

At its meeting Monday night, Columbia City Council members discussed how to re-approach the redistricting matter after the city staff pulled one of the reapportionment committee’s two final recommendations. City staff says Trial D is not contiguous due to complications with its border along the MKT Trail.

By Elizabeth Miller (Columbia, Mo.)

Mayor Bob McDavid expressed frustration with the pull of Trial D but was quick to come back with a plan of action.

“That’s unfortunate because we had a lot of people put a lot of time into this process. So what I’ve asked staff to do is to bring back all three options that had votes from members of the reapportionment committee.”

Council members have agreed to bring back Trials A, B and E, all of which will make ward one, the center of the city, larger. The ward populations are currently unbalanced, something the City Council would like to fix before filing for council seats open next month. There will be a public hearing in October and Trials A, B and E will be voted up or down as the final ward reapportionment plan.