Columbia Residents can Help Decide the Location of New Bus Stop Shelters

Feb 27, 2015

Credit Columbia Transit

The City of Columbia is asking citizens to help decide the location of five new bus stop shelters.  Columbia Community Development held a meeting in city hall last night to conduct a survey of citizen preferences and answer questions. 

Community Development Coordinator Randy Cole says there are already plans to build twenty new structures at the Columbia bus stops that experienced the most passenger traffic.  But, Cole says, city staff wanted to propose five additional bus shelters, and let the public decide where they needed them most.

“This past year we did our five year plan, and the public identified bus shelters as a high need in the community,” said Cole.  “This is the city staff putting the public input into action.”

Cole estimated that the shelters would be completed in 2016. 

Columbia Resident Mike Peplow said that he is a long-time user of public transportation, and he was pleased with the city’s decision to issue a survey.

“Without the citizen’s input, it’s just people making decisions for you, said Peplow.  “Things always work better for the city when you get the public’s input.”

Representatives from the Community Development Department have also published the bus shelter survey online for the citizen’s convenience.  The survey closes at the end of the day on Friday.