This Comedian's Life, Ep. 12: Jake "The Snake" Roberts

Jul 9, 2016

Credit Photo Provided

Jake "The Snake" Roberts is one of the most notorious figures in professional wrestling history. Jake was born in Gainesville, TX and started competing in several Southern-based wrestling circuits in the 1970s. Jake quickly rose up the wrestling ranks. In 1986 he joined the top professional wrestling organization in the world: the World Wrestling Federation. Jake's dark persona, intensity and famous "DDT" finishing move made him one of the most popular villains in the WWF. For almost every match, Jake brought a 15-foot python into the ring with him, and used it to wage psychological warfare against his opponents. Near the end of his wrestling career, Jake fought a long-time addiction to drugs and alcohol. Jake got sober in 2012, and was inducted into the WWE hall of fame in 2014. He now tours the country using humor to talk about addiction, life, and wrestling stories. Jake is also the subject of the 2015 documentary The Resurrection of Jake the Snake. Jake will be at the Kansas City Improv on July 11. For more information about Jake, visit