Constitutional Amendment to Virtually Ban Abortion Close to Full State House Debate

Apr 19, 2016

Credit Ryan Famuliner / KBIA

A proposed state constitutional amendment that would virtually outlaw abortion in Missouri is one step closer to being debated by the full State House.  

The so-called personhood amendment would grant a constitutional right to life to unborn children, “at every stage of development.” It also states that the Missouri Constitution does not grant anyone the right to an abortion. 

It was first approved last week by a House committee, which removed exceptions for rape, incest, or whether the life of the mother is in danger.  A second committee passed it Monday, paving the way for floor debate before the full House. 

Its biggest obstacle is time, as the 2016 legislative session ends in 3-and-a-half weeks.  Opponents say the measure poses a threat to women’s health and reproductive rights.