Danforth Cites Political Bullying in Schweich Eulogy

Mar 3, 2015

Tom Schweich
Credit State of Missouri

  Former U.S. Sen. John Danforth has suggested that political bullying led Missouri Auditor Tom Schweich (shwyk) to fatally shoot himself.

Danforth delivered the eulogy Tuesday during a memorial service for Schweich that was attended by many of Missouri's top elected officials and hundreds of others.

Danforth was a close friend, co-worker and political mentor to Schweich, who had planned to run for governor.

Danforth says Schweich was upset about a negative radio ad that mocked his appearance and distraught by what he perceived as an anti-Semitic whispering campaign against him. Schweich was Christian, but had some Jewish ancestry.

Danforth said: "Words do hurt. Words can kill."