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Deaton Refuses Big 12 Realignment Details

University of Missouri (MU) Chancellor Brady Deaton held a press conference Thursday to address growing concerns about the stability of the Big 12 Conference.�

By Eric Staszczak (Columbia, Mo.)

While Deaton kept specifics to a minimum, the chancellor made it clear that for now, MU will remain a member of the Big 12.

“The University of Missouri is going to continue to work for what is best for the University of Missouri.  We have seen that aligned with the Big 12 Conference.  And we will be continuing to work with the various issues we have within the conference to carry forward,” Deaton said.

As the Big 12 continues to work on unification and stability, the efforts will be led by interim conference commissioner Chuch Neinas, who was appointed Thursday upon commissioner Dan Beebe’s resignation.  Chancellor Deaton expressed his confidence in Neinas as they move forward.

“The engagement of Chuch Neinas as interim will enable us to go forward as a conference, certainly functioning very effectively as we look to the future,” Deaton said.

Speculation has snowballed over the past few weeks about MU leaving the Big 12 to join a more stable, competitive conference, such as the SEC. Deaton only briefly touched on the rumors, mentioning that in the future, anything can happen.  But for now, the university is committed to the Big 12 and hopes to bring a strong reputation back to the conference.