Democrat Koster Wins Missouri Farm Bureau Endorsement

Aug 5, 2016

Attorney General Chris Koster has scored a major endorsement, becoming the first Democratic statewide candidate to win the backing of theĀ MissouriĀ Farm Bureau.

Members of the Farm Bureau's political action committee voted to endorse Koster's gubernatorial campaign Friday after also listening to a presentation from Republican nominee Eric Greitens.

Koster and Greitens both won primaries earlier this week. The Farm Bureau event has become a traditional kick-off for the general election campaign. But until Koster, the group had never backed a statewide Democratic candidate.

Koster appealed to the group by highlighting about a dozen ways he has stood up for agricultural interests during his political career.

Greitens, a former Navy SEAL officer, acknowledged he lacks a rural background but pledged to put together a team that understands agriculture.