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Demolition of Local Businesses Delayed

Mar 15, 2016

Two local businesses are still standing as their pending demolition has been delayed.

The city of Columbia announced in a press release last week that Quinton’s Bar and Deli and Britches Clothing at the corner of 9th and Locust in Downtown Columbia would be demolished on Monday the 14th of March. But the demolition has yet to happen, and Quinton’s has remained open as the new demolition date is still uncertain.

City of Columbia spokesperson Steven Sapp says they are still unaware as to why the demolition didn’t occur. Sapp said “the city of Columbia doesn’t have any knowledge of what the delay is. We based our press-release information off the application that was submitted by Fields Holdings LLC which indicated to us that the start date for closures of the sidewalk, lane restrictions on the roads and demolition would be on March 14th.”

Eran Fields, the Californian-based developer and President of Fields Holdings LLC, says his companies permit to close roads and sidewalks begun on the 14th, but at no point had they planned for demolition to take place yesterday.

Fields says they have been working closely with the Historic Preservation Commission in Columbia and their first priority is to salvage materials and artefacts they determined to have historical significance throughout this coming weekend.