Derrick Washington Found Guilty of Sexual Assault

Boone County Circuit Judge Kevin Crane sentenced former Missouri Running back Derrick Washington to 5 years in prison. Washington was found guilty in September of sexually assaulting his tutor.

By Sydney Miller (Columbia, Mo.)

Derrick Washington’s mother left sobbing Monday when Judge Kevin Crane handed down the 5 year sentence with the Missouri Department of Corrections.

Washington’s attorney, Chris Slusher, originally asked for a retrial, which was immediately denied.  Slusher then argued that Washington, because of his public figure status, had been put through enough. Washington was removed from the football team, kicked out of school, and registered as a sex offender. Slusher said Washington even has to receive permission to be with his children.

The prosecution, however, recommended a maximum sentence of 7 years. Prosecutor Andrea Hayes said Washington was a predator with poor impulse control, and said he has not taken the appropriate steps to take responsibility.

Despite the sentence Washington’s grandmother, Margaret Green, stands by her grandson. She says Washington is innocent.

“If you have somebody that don’t know who was in bed with her and then you go and arrest of somebody on that evidence if she can’t say if it were a man, woman, or whatever," she said.  "I don’t think he should have ever been brought to trial. ”

Green said the family planned on appealing the sentence. There is also the chance Washington will not serve his full sentence.

“He will do the 120 days and then after that, the court will make the decision whether they will let him out after that”

Hayes is also prosecuting the domestic assault case against Washington, which will go to trial in December.