Derrik Sweeney gives details on arrest in Cairo

Nov 28, 2011

19-year-old Derrik Sweeney is relieved to be home in Jefferson City after being detained for a week in a Cairo holding cell. Sweeney, along with three other Americans, was arrested for allegedly throwing fire bombs at police during a protest in Tahrir Square. Sweeney said they were threatened violently and beaten by Egyptian authorities.

However, Sweeney is now back safely in Jefferson City and spent Sunday night celebrating Thanksgiving with his family.

"Just being at home and seeing familiar things – and of course my family – it’s an overwhelming peace," he said.

Sweeney’s mother, Joy Sweeney, is thankful to have her son home. 

"We’re a strong, faithful family and we stick together and we support each other as well. So even when all the hype and the attention subsides, we’ll work through all the things that ensue."

For now, Sweeney plans to go back to Georgetown University and hopes to pursue a career in law.