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Details Remain Murky as City Manager Search Continues

Jun 6, 2019

City officials began interviews Thursday with candidates for Columbia's next city manager. The interviews, which were scheduled to be held throughout the day in the Howard Municipal Building near city hall, were closed to the public.

Mayor Brian Treece said the number of remaining candidates, as well as any other details about them, remains confidential. In early May, City Council members met with CPS HR Consulting, the firm hired to conduct the search, to narrow down their list to five to eight candidates.

Finalist interviews are scheduled for June 20-21. Before Thursday’s meeting, Treece said there wasn’t a projected timeline for the position to be filled.

The mayor said the city might hold an event that allows citizens to interact with the candidates.

"I think that’s something the council wants to do to debut any finalists," Treece said.

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