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Discover Nature: American Wetlands Month

May 3, 2017

Spring storms bring the threat of damaging wind, hail, flooding, and erosion, but they also restore life to the landscape – providing nutrients to plants and soil, habitat and drinking-water for wildlife and humans. 

This week, on Discover Nature, we celebrate May as American Wetlands Month.

Wetlands serve an important role in the Missouri landscape – providing nutrients to soil, habitat for wildlife, and critical geographic buffers from flood and drought conditions. Celebrate American Wetlands Month this May with a visit to a wetland near you, such as Fountain Grove Conservation Area, pictured here.
Credit Missouri Department of Conservation

Wetlands support more than half of Missouri’s total plant species, more than a quarter of the state’s nesting and migratory birds, a wide variety of fish and amphibians, and 200 plant and animal species considered rare or endangered in Missouri.

Natural wetlands change continually, creating a high degree of biological productivity and diversity.  Their soils develop in saturated conditions, and as water levels change, they act as sponges – providing a buffer from spring storms and summer droughts – and filters, to purify our waters. 

A lifeline for our state’s natural history, and biodiversity, wetlands contribute to our clean water, rich soil, and healthy wildlife communities. Get out and discover nature, and celebrate American Wetlands Month.

Learn more about wetlands with the Missouri Department of Conservation’s online Field Guide, and find examples of these important areas near you with their online Atlas

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