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Discover Nature: Recycle Xmas Trees

Dec 29, 2020

The holiday season continues, but as we enter the new year and Christmas trees come down, consider giving one more gift – to nature.



Re-using cut Christmas trees can provide great habitat for fish, birds and other wildlife.  


Strip your tree of ornaments and consider placing it in a pond. By attaching a rock or other anchor to your tree you can help fish populations by creating natural cover for them… and possibly a new fishing spot for you.  


If you don’t have a pond, cut Christmas trees also make great gifts for the birds.  Stash your tree under a bird feeder to offer shelter from the wind – and a place to escape from predators. 


Add popcorn strings or pinecones smeared in peanut butter to sweeten the deal for our feathered friends – and watch for new nests to appear in the branches.  


Christmas trees can also be shredded or chipped for mulch that you can use to create natural pathways or bedding in flower gardens. 


Learn more about the benefits of recycling Christmas trees, and other ways to enjoy nature in your own backyard with the Missouri Department of Conservation. Contact your local Conservation office for information about drop-off locations. In Columbia, call (573) 815-7900. 


Discover Nature is sponsored by the Missouri Department of Conservation.