Dow Inc. CEO Contributes $6M To New Health Institute | KBIA

Dow Inc. CEO Contributes $6M To New Health Institute

Oct 14, 2019

Credit Nathan Lawrence / KBIA

The CEO of Dow Inc. has donated $6 million to a new University of Missouri health institute that is focused on personalized medicine.

The university said Friday that the gift from Jim Fitterling is one of the first from an individual donor for the NextGen Precision Health Institute. The $220.8 million center is expected to open in October 2021. The state has contributed $10 million so far, with other funding coming from a combination of private and corporate support.

Fitterling said in a statement that as a cancer survivor, he is "keenly interested in advancing research that helps patients and their families enjoy better outcomes and better qualities of life."

He began working at Dow just two weeks after graduating from the University of Missouri's College of Engineering in 1983.