Exam: October 10, 2011 | KBIA

Exam: October 10, 2011

The University of Missouri is studying how to make life easier for student parents. Plus, research shows a Prison GED program has multiple benefits.

Hosted by Ryan Famuliner.

But first, a recent study by the Institute of Public Policy found multiple benefits to the Missouri Corrections’ G-E-D program. According to the study, not only does the program lessen the number of inmates returning to prison, but it also saves the state money in the long run. Elizabeth Trovall has more on the findings.

Take a second and try to picture of the average post-secondary student under the age of 24. Maybe you think of the stereotypical partier; sleeping till noon. Maybe it’s the marching band member, the athlete or the high school valedictorian. But is your imaginary student… also a parent? Because about 1 in 10 students under the age of 24 have a child. KBIA’s Camille Maestracci tells us what the University of Missouri is doing to try to figure out how to help this group. She also heard some of these students’ stories along the way.