Exam: Students learn business strategies from cookies, sharks

Mar 17, 2014

Maddie Renner, 11, reaches into the cash box at a Girl Scout Cookie booth sale Feb. 22 in front of the Walmart on Conley Road in Columbia.
Credit Margaux Henquinet / KBIA

We often think of the business world as a world that belongs to adults—adults in suits moving money with the shake of a hand and the dash of a signature on a contract. But this week, we're taking a look at some unexpected ways kids are becoming entrepreneurs.

For a few weeks every year, Girl Scouts are selling cookies everywhere, from your front door to your office to your grocery store. And you know you can’t help but buy at least one box—now that's successful branding. To find out more about the business side of Girl Scout Cookies, KBIA’s Margaux Henquinet caught up with some scouts at cookie booths in Columbia and got their best tips for successful sales.       

“Shark Tank,” is a popular ABC TV show that makes or breaks contestants’ business dreams. Recently, the concept found a new home at Thomas Jefferson Middle School in a classroom full of eighth graders. Students presented their product concepts and business models to a panel of five Jefferson City business leaders who acted as their “Sharks.” KBIA’s Marissanne Lewis-Thompson jumped into the “Shark Tank” with the eighth graders, and lived to tell the tale.