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Field Notes: Farms, coming to a suburb near you

Dec 13, 2013

In its plans, the Bucking Horse subdivision in Fort Collins, Colo. will support a 3.6 acre CSA farm, a plaza designed for a farmers market and an educational center where homeowners can take canning classes.
Credit Luke Runyon/Harvest Public Media

This is the latest installment of Harvest Public Media’s Field Notes, in which we talk about important issues related to food production.

When you think of moving to a housing development in the suburbs, you might imagine golf courses, swimming pools and rows of identical houses. But that could be changing. There’s a new model springing up across the country that taps into the local food movement. In this week's Field Notes, Harvest Public Media reporter Luke Runyon reports that farms -- complete with livestock, vegetables and fruit trees -- are serving as the new suburban amenity.