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The fight for Voice of America

Dec 4, 2020

Credit Andrew Harnik / AP

Over the summer, at the insistence of President Trump, the Senate confirmed Michael Pack as the new director of U.S. Agency for Government Media.

Since then, the venerable Voice of America and its sister broadcast outlets have been plunged into chaos.

MU Journalism School students talked to two former VOA directors, a reporter fired by Pack and a lawyer for the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press about the chaos enveloping what has been one of the nation's most effective vectors for "soft power."

Host: Levi Moltz-Hohmann

Danforth Austin
Grayson Clary
David Ensor
Vardha Khalil

Producers: Annie Le, Regan Mertz, Levi Moltz-Hohmann, Josiah Schueneman, Ziye Tang
Executive producers: Cam Denmark, Grace Noteboom
Director: Travis McMillen
Audio Engineer: Aaron Hay