Behind the Headlines: Hearing from St. Louisans who don't agree with the Stockley verdict protesters

Sep 22, 2017
Originally published on February 21, 2018 12:41 pm

Throughout the week, St. Louis on the Air has been hearing from listeners about their thoughts on the Stockley verdict and protests following it. Many have expressed disagreement with the verdict, but we’ve also heard from those who agreed with the verdict or who disagree with protesters’ tactics.

On Friday’s program, host Don Marsh was joined by St. Louis Public Radio reporter Nancy Fowler, who has been speaking with St. Louisans all week about their thoughts on the verdict and protests, as well as Executive Editor Shula Neuman. We also heard some voicemails from listeners.

We still want to hear from you: What are you feeling about the Stockley verdict and several days of protest in the St. Louis region? Leave St. Louis on the Air a voicemail at 314-329-4937 with your first name, where you're calling from and your message. We may use your comments on an upcoming program.

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