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The Future of Rolling Stone Discussed

Apr 11, 2015

Credit Courtesy Rolling Stone

  A moment that will go down in journalism's history, the failure of Rolling Stone's article, "A Rape on Campus." Rolling Stone published its article last November, a story that depicted a brutal gang rape on University of Virginia student, "Jackie." The article resulted in a wave of controversy across the nation as factual errors began to arise. Missouri School of Journalism professors Amy Simons, Earnest Perry and Mike McKean discuss the issue on Views of the News and what's in store for Rolling Stone moving forward. 

McKean said that because Rolling Stone is notoriously known for reporting on music and celebrities it linkely won't have a hard time bouncing back. 

"In some ways I think that they might be inclined to not try as hard as they should to salvage their reputation because they don't have to."

Simons notes that this ongoing criticism is mostly an "inside baseball" conversation. The UVA fraternity at the center of the story, Phi Kappa Psi is pursuing "all available legal action against the magazine."