Ginny Chadwick sworn in as First Ward representative | KBIA

Ginny Chadwick sworn in as First Ward representative

Apr 15, 2014

Credit Jack Howard / KBIA

  Ginny Chadwick was sworn in Monday as the new First Ward representative to the Columbia City Council. Although, last night was a time to celebrate, today, her first day on the job, has been very busy.

Chadwick has been answering phone calls and in meetings for most of her first day on City Council.  She describes it as a whirl wind of a day.

Chadwick said her immediate plans are to simply serve on the council as a voice for the first ward and to express their concerns. 

“The biggest issues that I heard over and over again from constituents is that we have to maintain our downtown infrastructure that’s in disrepair, that public safety is a very top concern and priority of the first ward, and as well as public transit,” Chadwick said.

Fred Schmidt, the previous First Ward representative, made a few final remarks at Chadwick’s inauguration. He said that he hopes the whole council will have a better plan for infrastructure than in the past.

“And it would be nice to actually lay out what are we really going to do, what is it really going to cost and how are we going to pay for it,” Schmidt said.

Schmidt says that it will be difficult at times for Chadwick but that he is excited to see someone take his place that will be more effective in reaching out and responding to people.