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Global Journalist: Photojournalism During a Pandemic

Apr 15, 2020

San Francisco Chronicle photographer Carlos Gonzalez is carrying a lot more than lenses and cameras when he goes out on assignment these days.
Credit Carlos Gonzalez / San Francisco Chronicle

Journalists are first responders too.

While many reporters and editors are working from home these days, the women and men who bring you the images of a society in lockdown don't have that luxury.

In a March 20 webinar sponsored by the Reynolds Journalism Institute, three West Coast photojournalists discussed the challenges they are facing and the new precautions they are taking while bringing you the news.

We're airing highlights of that conversation on this edition of Global Journalist.

Hosts: Kat Duncan, Trevor Hook


  • Carlos Gonzalez, San Francisco Chronicle
  • Paige Cornwell, The Seattle Times
  • Kent Porter, Santa Rosa Press Democrat

Producer: Trevor Hook