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Global Journalist: When a Coronavirus Hit in 2003

Mar 27, 2020

Job seekers flood a 2004 fair in Hong Kong after a SARS-induced recession there.
Credit Vincent Yu / AP

A new coronavirus emerging out of Asia, striking panic with the suddenness of its onset, the ease of its spread and the virulence of its impact.

Sound familiar?

In 2003, the coronavirus caused SARS, sudden acute respiratory syndrome. This from-the-vault episode of Global Journalist features a conversation with reporters who back then were on the ground at SARS infection hotspots: Beijing, Singapore, Hong Kong and Toronto.

We're re-airing the program now because we think it raises some interesting questions: What stopped the SARS epidemic? And are there lessons we should have learned then that might have spared us some of the pain we're experiencing now? 

Host: Stuart Loory


  • Christopher Bodeen, Associated Press
  • Reginald Chua, Asia Wall Street Journal
  • Yo Ai Hun, independent producer
  • Karen Palmer, Toronto Star

Director: Pat Akers

Producers: Sara Andrea Fajardo and Augustine Tang (2003); Trevor Hook (2020)