Greitens Taps Charity Donors for Missouri Gubernatorial Bid

Oct 11, 2016

Credit Dave Ingraham / Flickr

Republican Eric Greitens is getting financing for his Missouri gubernatorial campaign from many of the same people who have supported a charity he founded for military veterans.

But Greitens denies that he has used a donor list for The Mission Continues to solicit money for his governor's race against Democratic Attorney General Chris Koster.

An Associated Press analysis found that more than $1 of every $8 Greitens has raised came from previous donors to The Mission Continues.

A separate spreadsheet provided to the AP appears to show that a former Greitens campaign staffer had access to a Missions Continues donor list as Greitens was launching his fundraising in 2015.

Greitens acknowledges soliciting money from some Mission Continues supporters but said he wasn't working off the charity's donor list.