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The Hatchery to Host Live Panel Featuring Local Businesswomen

Sep 24, 2018

The Hatchery, a local co-working space, will be hosting a live panel session called “Women in Male-Dominated Industries” this Thursday. Amanda Quick, owner of The Hatchery, says the discussion is centered around empowerment and creating a community of women.

“A lot of times, society kind of pushes us away from bettering ourselves, and whether it’s somebody starting a business and they feel a little bit crazy, or they feel like they just don’t know where to go, or they have friends that don’t think like that, it’s important to get around others that are like-minded,” Quick said.

The panel will feature three local female business leaders, Kat Cunningham, Amber Goodwin and Connie Leipard, who will all share their experiences in the field.

“Women need to share information, expertise and tips to succeed in the world of business,” Connie Leipard said. “I think women do a great job of sharing, and so this is just a format and opportunity to do that. So I think it’s just an important part of mentoring for business success.”

The Hatchery is a co-working space that anyone can use that also offers optional child care. Quick founded it after having her first child and recognized the need for that kind of support for young professionals.

“We can bring together those that people may feel like they’re out of touch with being able to talk with some of these business owners that are doing things in the community,” Quick said. "And so it creates a chance to hear their story for them to be able to ask questions, and then also just to hear that good, bad, ugly of being in business.”