Here Say: Your Stories about Halloween, Told at Shryock's Calloway Farms

Nov 17, 2015

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Marnee Davis (center left) and Melissa Miller (center right).
Credit Samantha Kummerer/KBIA

Marnee Davis remembered a particularly terrifying Halloween gauntlet from her childhood.

I remember when we are kids, we had neighbors that made their house so spooky that was hard for us to approach it. They had ghosts that were flying from the deck all the way down to the front mail box. So every time the kids try to walk up, they shoot that thing down and then was kids crying above us. But then they had a garage that was set up like a haunted house, and it was nasty. It was creep. But we look forward to every year.

Leslie Meyer

Leslie Meyer told us about a little costume competition in her home.

They did. My son Watt, he will be five in November, he’s going to be a bat. My daughter Cat, just turned the age 8, she’s gonna be Aurora from Maleficent. And my oldest daughter, who is 11, she is gonna be Maleficent so, which they had a fight over who is going to be Maleficent. They couldn't be both Maleficent. So i don't know why. They just decided both of them couldn't go as the same thing. So that's what they figure out.   

Lori Stewart

Lori Stewart told that her kids have been a little reluctant to throw the rules aside for a day.

The first year, nobody wanted to walk up to a door and say anything. Which you teach your kids "don't go to strangers", "don't take anything from people" and you know one another year you tell them "no, it's ok, go take candy, go talk to strangers". So the first year it took a couple of houses to get through before he became really excited and realized he is getting candy.


Michele Parker
Credit Samantha Kummerer/KBIA

 Michele Parker told us how her newborn ended up playing Toto.

As a little kid, it was always a black cat because my mom made the costume and she was just kind of revamp each year. With our kids, it was either Toy Story or one year they went us the whole cast of Wizard of Oz that my mom made other costumes and they will very elaborate. It was very fun and our daughter came a week early and so she was actually Toto and  one of our older kids carried her in a basket, the one was Dorothy.

Michelle (left) and Emma Fitzgerald
Credit Samantha Kummerer/KBIA

  Michelle Fitzgerald filled us in on the latest addition to her Halloween decor.

We haven’t added anything this year. Last year we added  the jumping spider which is by the hit, it is a giant spider.  Jump spider, when you walk by, it has laser on it. It scares everyone. It is pretty hilarious to sit behind the door and watch people come up to the door.

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