Here Say: Your Stories about Prom, Told at the Columbia Mall

Mar 8, 2016

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Katie Louis
Credit Claire Banderas / KBIA

  Katie Louis told us about how her date surprised her with a creative proposal.

I was playing a soccer game for my varsity team, and we were warming up on the field and I was still dateless for prom and my coach was like Katie, go get the balls. And I was like, no, that’s what the freshmen are supposed to do. And he was like, go get the balls, they’re in my truck and I need you to go get them. And I was like, ok, fine. I went to go get them and I opened up the back of the truck and there were a bunch of balls, and there was a piece of paper on them that said “I finally had the balls to ask you to prom,” and a guy walked up behind me and he was my date. I thought it was cute of him to ask me that way, so it was great.

Amanda Cox
Credit Claire Banderas / KBIA

  We met Amanda Cox, who told us about how prom helped her discover what she loved about her husband.

My husband was a high school senior and I got to go in as his date. I remember my dress, it was black and white it was pretty simple and plain. It was only $14, I do love the Salvation Army. Me and my husband went there, and it was the day I learned he is a horrible dancer and that’s one of the reasons I love him so much. He just does what he wants. It was the night I really realized he was a person I could have fun with, and that’s why I wanted to be with him. We were each other’s first and only and we’ve been together ever since and it’s almost been 10 years.

Mary Cornell
Credit Claire Banderas / KBIA

  Mary Cornell told us about how proud she is of her niece and nephews, and how stunning it is to see them transform for prom.

I have two nephews and a niece that live in New Franklin, and they are Bulldogs. I think my most enjoyment is they’re all into basketball, cross country, track, very sportsy. And you’re used to them being kind of laid back. And then they get dressed up for prom. And it was totally amazing. To see all the excitement, they decorated lockers, they made a beautiful poster of the football team and put it up. And the kids just beamed.  It’s amazing how they’re so multifaceted. They go from basketball to being so elegant and beautiful. They’re very respectful kids. They’re just perfect, and I’m not a bit prejudiced at all.

Emily Butts
Credit Claire Banderas / KBIA

  We met Emily Butts, who found a prom dress solution both she and her dad could get behind.

I thought it was just wonderful. It was black with a lace overlay over it. And it was shorter than my liking because I’m more of a conservative. And I was trying it on and I was taking pictures and I thought I was so cute. And we have a full length mirror and I just happened to bend over and I saw a little more of what – it might have just been thigh but I was just like nope. So I found those little Soffe shorts, so I stuck those under there and I was like “here we go, now I won’t show my stuff when I’m getting down at prom” and my dad was in the background cheering me on going “yes, good girl, keep those goodies away from everybody.” And my mom was also in the background saying “no, don’t wear those, it’s not going to look right it’s not going to lay right.” And that was just a proud daughter moment for him.