Higher Revenues Lead Missouri Governor to Release Funds

Apr 3, 2015

Governor Jay Nixon released 43 million dollars in funds to state programs.
Credit File photo / KBIA

  State building repairs, technology startups, local libraries and university programs are among the recipients sharing $43 million dollars in funding released by Missouri's governor.

Governor Jay Nixon said Friday that he plans to release the funds immediately after the state took in higher general revenues in March.

General revenues increased by 25 percent from March of 2014, bringing the year-to-date increase to 6.8 percent.

Budget director Linda Luebbering says part of the difference is due to a lawsuit settlement and other one-time changes, but mainly it was just a good month for economic growth.

The money includes $7 million dollars for the Missouri Technology Corporation, a public-private partnership to promote technology start-ups, and about $5.8 million dollars will go to public libraries across the state.