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How do you pee?

Madi Lawson
"I'm Spiderman!" Madi Lawson, bottom, and Sabrina "Bean" Hansen, top, have been friends since sixth grade. A seemingly unlikely pair, these girls are emotionally in sync and, as kids, used the other at their "out" when they got grounded.

There’s no party quite like a pee party.

In this episode, Madi and Becky talk all things bathroom with her best friend, Sabrina or “Bean.” These girls have been through it all – the rocky road of high school, prom dress shopping and more bathroom trips than either can count. 

Madi and Bean talk about bathrooms, about the way others have asked Madi to make her body more accommodating to them and about the perception of disabled bodies in public spaces. 

Hosts: Madison Lawson, Rebecca Smith

Reporter/Producer: Aaron Hay, Rebecca Smith

Editor: Ryan Famuliner

Online and Social: Nathan Lawrence

Executive Producer: Aaron Hay