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How to manage growth in Columbia's public schools

Dec 16, 2013

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Last week, Columbia’s Board of Education approved new attendance boundaries for Mill Creek Elementary. The move, which was made to address overcrowding at the school, reduces enrollment there by about 100 students in the next school year. Some parents have voiced concern about diversity at the school. Currently, 12 percent of Mill Creek students receive free or reduced lunch. It’s estimated the redistricting plan will lower that to 6 percent. 

This ongoing debate got us thinking: how should we you manage population growth in Columbia while making sure that all students receive a good education? This week on Intersection, we’ll talk about efforts to manage overcrowding in Columbia Public Schools and we’ll also talk about ways to reduce the achievement gap.


Chris Belcher is the superintendent of Columbia Public Schools.

Christine King the president of the Columbia Board of Education. 

Jonathan Sessions is a member of the Columbia Board of Education.