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Intersection: Science Education in the Columbia Public School System

Aug 11, 2014

On this week's Intersection, we will be talking about Science Education in the Columbia Public School System 

Science is a topic required for most students in grades K-12 to learn. With research continuously 

Host Ryan Famuliner with guests April Sulze, Dr. Peter Stiepleman, and Mike Szydlowski

  changing science, it is hard for school systems to keep up. In the past few years, educators have come up with new guidelines on topics, such as evolution and climate change, as well as a different approach to teach children of different generations and in a more extensive way. It is also summer time and keeping students interested in this topic can be difficult. What are the ways Columbia Schools keep students interested in science while still keeping up with new research? What activities can kids do in the summer to keep their minds concentrated on school, while still on break?

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Dr. Peter Stiepleman - Superintendent of Columbia Public Schools. 

Guest Dr. Peter Stiepleman - Superintendent of Columbia Public Schools

Mike Szydlowski - Science Coordinator of Columbia Public Schools 

Guest Mike Szydlowski - Science Coordinator at Columbia Public Schools

April Sulze - Biology Teacher at Rock Bridge High School  

Guest April Sulze - Biology teacher at Rock Bridge High School

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