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Intersection - Students and Their Art

Feb 22, 2016

This week we're talking with MU student artists. These young people create with paint and fabric and even barbed wire. And for them making art is really serious work and as well as a passion. We learned about our guests through the University's Undergraduate Visual Art and Design Showcase, which took place for the first time on campus in January. To learn more, listen to our entire show, or read and listen to portions of our interviews below. 

Listen to the entire show.

Simon Tatum, an MU student from the Cayman Islands, is inspired by his culture. While researching Cayman history for his work, Tatum says he was surprised to find out what it means to be a modern Caymanian.

MU senior and graphic design major Kara Rinella says her artistic style is drawn from the funny pages she read as a kid.

Maddie Olmsted mixes fibers and sculpture to create her pieces. She says her work started as a self-reflection of her own emotions and life experiences.

Art can even come in the form of costumes. Caitlin Allen was given the daunting task of creating Renaissance gowns for MU Theater's production of Romeo and Juliet.

Brianna Heese says she found a love for ceramics in how  it draws from the past, since the medium has been around for centuries.

Creative teens in Columbia can also find a place to learn and even work as artists through the city's C.A.R.E. program. Jamila Batchelder, the C.A.R.E Gallery coordinator, says she was surprised by the first group of student artists she worked with last summer.