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Intersection: What are CAFOs and how do they affect Missouri

Jul 21, 2014


Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations, or CAFOs, are prevalent in Missouri’s agriculture industry. The large farms are very controversial, and many have concerns about the environmental impact of the farms and humane treatment of animals living there. In Callaway County, plans for a new CAFO have prompted very vocal opposition. But CAFOs are also a mainstay of the agriculture industry, and are legal if maintained correctly.On this Intersection we addressed CAFOs in-depth: about what they are, how they’re used in Missouri, about the controversy surrounding them, and about the future of the operations in the state.

On this episode of Intersection we will hear from MU academics in order to break down what CAFOs are and their affects on Mid-Missouri's agriculture industry. 

Host Ryan Famuliner with guests Raymond Massey and Teng Lim
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Guests: Raymond Massey - Extension Professor of Agriculture and Applied Economics at MU 

Guest Raymond Massey
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Teng Teeh Lim - Assistant Extension Professor in the Agricultural Systems Management Department at MU 

Guest Teng Lim
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Joining us by Phone: John Lory - Extension Associate Professor in the Plant Sciences Division at MU 

Phone guest John Lory

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