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Intersection - Women in Film

Nov 17, 2015

Credit Sally Hunter/Flickr

  On this week's Intersection, the focus is on women and film. Did you know that just a small percentage of the movies you see in theaters are directed by women? Today on Intersection, we’re talking about why with Kerri Yost, the Director of Programming for the Citizen Jane Film Festival, which comes to Columbia each year to highlight movies directed by women. We also talk with director Mo Scarpelli, an MU grad whose film Frame by Frame was shown at this year’s festival in October. 

Along with co-director Alexandria Bombach, Scarpelli traveled to Afghanistan to make a documentary about photographers negotiating a complex and at times violent landscape. We talk about everything from crowdfunding a movie to how the directors established relationships in a country where they don't speak the language. 

Finally, we hear from Intersection producer Ailin Li, who interviewed people around Columbia about films they love. 

Web special: Listen to our interview with Catherine Dudley-Rose, Writer and Director of Parallel Chords. It's the story of a talented  young violinist's complex relationship with her pianist father. 

Interviews have been edited for length and clarity

To hear the rest of our interviews, listen to our entire show. 

Intersection is produced by Caty Eisterhold and Ailin Li. Our community outreach team is Kara Tabor and Hellen Tian.