It's a Wrap: True/False in Review

Mar 7, 2016

The 13th True/False film festival brought new and interesting films from far and near to the city of Columbia once again this year. Last week, art installations filled the streets, large, colorful “Q” signs started appearing outside downtown businesses, and Columbia seemed much more crowded. The words on everyone's lips seemed to be “documentary.”  

Although the festival began Thursday evening, the excitement began building Friday morning as sophomores from area high schools participated in DIY day. The students began their day with music and a documentary screening, then made their way to the North Village Arts District where artists, like musician Deqn Sue, led workshops.  KBIA’s Bram Sable-Smith sat in. 

On Friday evening, the excitement seemed to reach its peak as crowds gathered to watch the annual March March parade, but in truth the weekend was only just beginning. The parade made its way down Ninth St., and came to an end in front of the Missouri Theatre, where crowds gathered and the music continued to play. KBIA’s Emerald O’Brien was there.

The March March
Credit Ashley Reese / KBIA

By Saturday morning, the festival was off to a running start, as it was time for the annual True Life 5K. KBIA’s Rebecca Smith spoke with participants, volunteers and supporters, as well as Sarah Jane Kerwin, the first female finisher. And while the rest of these activities play a huge role in True/False, of course the screenings of new and sometimes not-even-yet-released documentaries are the main event. KBIA’s Ryan Levi spoke with some of the people who waited in queues for numerous films. 

Sarah Jane Kerwin was the first female finisher and the fourth runner overall.
Credit Rebecca Smith / KBIA

  "I love documentaries. That's why I started coming," Kerwin said. "You know, I first came in high school because it was something my dad thought I would really like. But there's something about the vibe of this festival where there's just so much positive energy and excitement around everything... Everyone just seems really happy and its like a big party."

And while the rest of these activities played a huge role in True/False, of course the screenings of new and sometimes not-even-yet-released documentaries were the main event.