Jefferson City Council Approves Tax Ballot Measure

Jefferson City residents could see a half-cent sales tax increase as early as February of next year.

by Peter Terpstra (Columbia, Mo.)

The City Council voted to place a “transformation” tax on the February ballot. If passed, the tax could raise 41-million dollars to fund a list of 30 projects around the city including repairs to the old Missouri State Penitentiary and funding to build a new Convention Center. Council Member Carrie Carroll is also a local business owner. She says taxes are tough for any business, but voters should consider the owners when voting on the increase.

“It’s actually a tax that I can’t even believe I’m saying, that I’m excited about when I learned everything that’s going to go into it and everything that’s going to happen…and happen quickly,” Carroll said.

If passed, the tax will last for 10 years. At the meeting Monday night, no one spoke out against the proposed tax increase, but Carroll says some citizens are still opposed to the tax.