Jefferson City Public Schools to Hold Diversity Meetings

Oct 24, 2017

Credit Jefferson City Public Schools

Jefferson City Public Schools will hold a community meeting on diversity Tuesday evening. The meeting will take place at the Boys and Girls Club of Jefferson City from 6-8 p.m.

It is the first of a series of meetings following an incident last month where a group of high school students posed in a picture with racist imagery.

Michael Couty, a member of the Jefferson City Public School Board, says these meetings and other ones like them held by other organizations will help Jefferson City as a whole. 

“It’s a starting point where we actually can start talking about and identifying actual steps that Jefferson City can take when it comes to diversity,” Couty said.

Pam Murray, who is also a member of the school board, said she hopes the meetings will move from words to action.

“I think that this time…it just needs to…not have a discussion and walk away thinking that the problems are solved,” Murray said.

Both Couty and Murray said they will attend Tuesday’s meeting.