Journalists face censorship, threat of violence in Pakistan and Bangladesh

Aug 2, 2013

Global Journalist talked to Emran Hossein, a reporter for the Bangladeshi news site

Every year the Alfred Friendly Foundation places international journalists in newsrooms across the U.S. The organization aims to impart American journalistic traditions and promote efforts worldwide to promote fair and accurate news. 

In July, three journalists training with the foundation visited the Missouri School of Journalism. While there, they spoke to Global Journalist about the challenges they face reporting in their home countries

Host David Reed first spoke with Emran Hossain, a reporter from Bangladesh who worked with the Huffington Post as part of his training. While there, the Rana Plaza garment factory collapsed, killing more than one thousand workers. Emran talked about covering the tragedy for the Huffington Post, and his previous coverage of the industry and its frequent disasters.

Global Journalist also heard from Pakistani journalists Khalid Khattak and Waqas Banoori. The two talked about how their country has been affected by the U.S. War on Terror, as well as the dangers journalists face in Pakistan.


Emran Hossain, staff reporter,

Waqas Banoori, editor, Independent Press Network

Khalid Khattak, staff reporter, The News International