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Lime Scooters to pause operations during winter

Dec 13, 2018

The scooter rental company Lime is pausing all scooter operations for the duration of the winter.

The Columbia Missourian reported Sam Sadie, Lime’s director of government relations sent an email to city officials Monday confirming the scooters’ temporary hiatus.

"We're pausing our services in Columbia for the next few weeks to take stock of what worked and how we can partner with the city and university moving forward," Sadie said in the email.

Solomon Davis, a student representative on the Chancellor's Standing Committee on Parking and Transportation, said the scooters won't get as much use during the winter. "Many of their customers like the students wouldn't be here, so why have them on the streets?"

Davis said when Lime first launched in Columbia, the company wanted to see if there was room in the city for another scooter company. The Bird Scooter company was already operating in the city when Lime started operations.