Low Voter Turnout in Boone County for Special Election

Nov 8, 2017

Credit KBIA file photo

Voter turnout in Boone County is at a “new low” after Tuesday’s special election vote according to the Boone County Clerk.

Voters across Boone County rejected a county-wide use tax propositions in Tuesday’s special election vote.

Columbia, Ashland and Harrisburg also voted to reject the city use tax measures. Local governments had proposed the use tax measures as a way of making up for sales tax revenue lost to online shopping.

The results were close in Columbia and Ashland but there was a clear rejection of the proposed measures in Harrisburg, where 79% voting against the measures.

But voter turnout was lower than it has been in previous elections, with only 11% of eligible voters heading to the polls.

“We’re seeing voter fatigue," said Boone County Clerk Taylor Burks. "People are tired of going to the ballot, especially for single-issues. People are exhausted by politics right now. I suggest we give them a little bit of a break.”

The next round of elections are to be held in April, by which time Burks says he hopes voter’s enthusiasm returns.