Mayor Bob McDavid asks for an apology for offensive Facebook post | KBIA

Mayor Bob McDavid asks for an apology for offensive Facebook post

Mar 21, 2013

Credit File/KBIA

Columbia Mayor Bob McDavid said he would like the Columbia Police Officers Association to issue a formal apology after an offensive status update was posted on the organization’s Facebook page this week.  

The Wednesday Facebook status joked about the police department’s possible acquisition of an armored Mercedes— and about the reaction from the “boys in the hood.”  The post has since been taken down.

Mayor Bob McDavid responded with his own Facebook post saying the Police Officers' Association was racially insensitive and unprofessional.  He said the post does not represent the city’s police officers. 

A screengrab of the facebook post in question. The post is now removed

“There are so many fine disciplined police officers in Columbia, and this post reflects poorly on them,” McDavid said.

The Columbia Police Officers Association is an independent organization, not a formal part of the city or the police department.  Still, McDavid said he wants the group to better represent Columbia’s values.   

“When they go by the name of Columbia Police Officers' Association, they are speaking for our community, and I expect them to uphold the values that the community has," McDavid said.

McDavid has asked that the organization issue a formal apology to Columbia citizens.