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McCaskill visits Columbia gas station, talks taxes

Apr 5, 2012

U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill was in Columbia Wednesday advocating a fair tax code.

Speaking at a gas station in Columbia, McCaskill says gas prices are forcing Missouri families to make sacrifices.

“There are people in Missouri right now trying to figure out if they can afford to work. Because it costs so much to go back and forth to work, especially people who live in rural areas,” McCaskill said.

McCaskill favors the passage of the Keystone Bill that would increase domestic oil production. She also supports the Buffet Rule that would increase the tax rates for multi-millionaires.

“We got tolook long term at what we can do to increase our independence from foreign oil. Increase our production domestically. Cut out some of the excessive speculation. And make sure that the oil companies aren’t playing games with their refining capacity,” she said.

McCaskill is currently touring the state, and is also visiting St. Louis, Kansas City, Sedalia and Springfield.