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Missouri House and Senate Debate Tax Credit Bill

The full Missouri House will reconvene next week and take up their version of the wide-ranging tax credit bill.

by Marshall Griffin (Jefferson City, Mo.)

The special session ground to a halt last week because House and Senate leaders could not agree on whether to place expiration dates, or sunsets, on historic preservation and low-income housing tax credits.  Republican Anne Zerr chairs the House Economic Development Committee.  She intends to hold a committee vote on the House version of the bill, possibly on Wednesday.

“We’ll just have to see what happens…it’s my job to bring something forward that’s reasonable and makes sense, and I think it’s (about) time we kind of sat down and looked at something reasonable and do what makes sense in creating jobs for the state,” Zerr said.

The House Republican Caucus is also expected to meet Wednesday.  If all goes according to plan, the full House will meet next Thursday to debate and vote on the bill.  It would then go back to the Senate, which would likely reject the bill in its current form.