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Missouri Lawmakers Look to Update Amber Alert System

Apr 16, 2019

Missouri lawmakers want to improve the state’s Amber Alert system by passing a bill known as Hailey’s Law, as discussed at Monday afternoon's meeting.

The bill would integrate the Amber Alert system into the state’s uniform law enforcement system to make the process move faster and would require the Amber Alert Oversight committee to meet annually.

Hailey’s Law is named after Hailey Owens, a 10-year-old girl who was abducted and killed by Craig Wood in Springfield in 2014.

Marcus Owens, Hailey’s father, testified in support of the bill alongside Jim Wood, the father of Craig Wood. Jim Wood said he wishes the Amber Alert was released earlier on the day of Hailey’s abduction.

“I was within moments of Craig’s house, and I could have been to Craig’s house before Craig was there.”

The bill has already passed through the Senate.