Mo. House panel endorses spending limit proposal | KBIA

Mo. House panel endorses spending limit proposal

Jan 11, 2012

A Missouri House committee has passed a proposed constitutional amendment that would place caps on all state spending. 

The measure would prevent lawmakers from increasing state spending more than the rate of inflation. They would also have to take population growth into effect when writing the state budget.  It’s sponsored by GOP House Member Eric Burlison of Springfield.

“This money, we shouldn’t forget that the end of the day it’s coming from taxpayers," he said. "It’s coming from people that could be spending that money on their own home budgets, and so they expect nothing less from us than to be very responsible with the money.”

The resolution passed the House Budget Committee 20 to 9.  All nine “no” votes came from Democrats, who argued that finding new sources of revenue would be a better solution than telling lawmakers how much they can or cannot spend.