MO Lawmakers Start Pre-Filing Period for January Session

Dec 1, 2011

Missouri lawmakers began pre-filing bills today for next year’s legislative session, which begins January 4th.

by Marshall Griffin (Jefferson City, Mo.) 

The bill, if passed, would allow Missouri residents to deduct up to 5-thousand dollars from their state income taxes for building storm shelters on their properties.  It’s sponsored by Democratic House Member Terry Swinger from the Boot-heel:

“It’ll help people to be safer, and quite frankly I think that’s one of the main things in government we should be doing…we should be looking out for people’s public safety and helping them be safer,” Swinger said.

Other pre-filed bills include yet another legislative attempt to restore local control over the St. Louis Police Department.  And there’s a proposed constitutional amendment that would shorten the annual regular session from 18 weeks to 12 weeks.